International migrant group condemns Kuwaiti police inhumane treatment to striking, unpaid Bangladeshi workers

The International Migrants Alliance (IMA), a newly founded broad international alliance of 112 progressive migrant organizations of different nationalities from 25 countries around the world, condemns in the strongest terms the brutal and inhumane treatment by the Kuwaiti police to striking, unpaid Bangladeshi workers.

IMA is working for the advancement of migrants’ rights and interests regardless of their nationalities.

Citing reports from local newspapers in Kuwait, IMA said the Kuwaiti government has already expelled and deported more than 1,400 Bangladeshi workers with gross disregard to their basic rights as guaranteed by international human rights and migrant rights covenants.

Instead of heeding the legitimate demands of the striking Bangladeshi workers such as the release of their unpaid salaries for over 4 to 6 months, payment of their rightful wages as stipulated on their employment contracts, and their demand for better working conditions and accommodation, the Kuwaiti government let loose its mighty Police force in beating mercilessly the striking workers.

In time of soaring prices and high inflation in Kuwait as in any other GCC countries and around the world, its government should address and consider raising the salaries of all expatriates to cope up with the rising cost of living.

IMA deplores the Bangladeshi Embassy officials in Kuwait who kept its mouth mum over the labor struggles of their nationals who are ironically boosting Bangladesh’s economy by sending about US$8 billion a year.

IMA further castigated the Bangladeshi Embassy Officials in Kuwait who did nothing to provide assistance and proper representation so that its worker’s rights and welfare will be protected and safeguarded.

IMA is calling for the Bangladeshi Embassy Officials in Kuwait to investigate the reported unscrupulous labor agents who are taking advantage of their workers by taking cuts or deductions on the workers’ salaries such as housing, medical and meal costs, which should be provided free by the employers to their hired workers.

IMA would like to remind all sending governments and receiving host governments that they are all accountable and have state responsibility to protect the rights and welfare of every expatriate worker as guaranteed in international rights covenants such as the International Human Rights Law and the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families.

To this end, IMA demands to the Bangladeshi government to provide assistance and protect its migrant workers rights and welfare; and to the Kuwaiti government to stop the summary expulsion and mass deportation of Bangladeshi workers from their work and above all to pay respect the rights and welfare of all migrant workers in Kuwait.

IMA is also calling on the Kuwait Society for Human Rights and the Kuwait Trade Union Federation to extend local assistance to the workers, and to the Special Rapporteur of the Commission on Human Rights on the Human Rights of Migrants and the UN Human Rights Council to investigate these reported migrants’ rights abuses in Kuwait.  (end)


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Front Perjuangan Rakyat (FPR) adalah aliansi organisasi-organisasi masyarakat sipil Indonesia yang pada awalnya dibentuk untuk merespon perayaan Hari Buruh se-Dunia 2008. FPR menyandarkan diri pada prinsip aliansi dasar klas buruh dan kaum tani sebagai komponen pokok perubahan sosial.
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