Mayday 2009: Workers stage big protest rally against ADB meeting

Thousands of workers and activists condemn ADB’s false solution to the financial crisis

Jakarta- Thousands of protesters from over 30 key cities in Indonesia, including Bali, will stage protest actions against the 42nd ADB Governors’ Meeting in Bali, condemning the role of the regional financial institution in worsening the plight of the people, specially the workforce.

According to Rudi HB Daman, Chairperson of the Federation of Independence Trade Union and also Coordinator of People Struggle Front (Front Perjuangan Rakyat, FPR) of Indonesia which led to the May Day action, the global recession is brought about by an accumulation of super-profits that led to the accumulation of human rights violations against Asia’s poor. He cited millions of workers suffering from mass lay offs, lower wages, deportation of migrant workers and other labor rights violations.

Daman also criticized the Indonesia government for its complacency in addressing the issues of the workers and instead, promoting the market-led flexibility and other schemes that are being proposed and promoted also by ADB.

The global economic crisis is a manifestation of the role of ADB and other international financial institutions in bringing about not development, but suffering and poverty to the majority of people in Asia.

“Workers and oppressed people from all over the world must defend their rights and promote the genuine and pro-people solution to respond the global recession and oppression,” Daman added.

The May 1 mobilization staged by FPR and other organizations kicks off the Peoples’ Week of Action against ADB which includes the Asia Pacific Peoples’ Tribunal on ADB from May 2-3 in Bali.


About fprindonesia

Front Perjuangan Rakyat (FPR) adalah aliansi organisasi-organisasi masyarakat sipil Indonesia yang pada awalnya dibentuk untuk merespon perayaan Hari Buruh se-Dunia 2008. FPR menyandarkan diri pada prinsip aliansi dasar klas buruh dan kaum tani sebagai komponen pokok perubahan sosial.
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