Jakarta(4/6), Alliance of Agrarian Reform Movement/Aliansi Gerakan
Reforma Agraria (AGRA), Indonesian militant peasant organization
mobilize their thousands members to Jakarta for anti land grabbing,
junk WTO and reject fuel prices hike campaign. Rahmat, Secretary
General of AGRA said this mobilization is to reiterate Indonesia
peasantry position to the Indonesian government toward these issues.

“Indonesian peasantryIMG_1813 are being oppressed by government policies and
action related to land. Million of hectares peasants lands are being
grabbed by government in the name of development and public interest,
but what actually happen the they use the lands for massive
plantation, mining sites, military facility and real estates projects,
these policies should be stopped and land need to be distributed back
to the peasantry through genuine agrarian reform, if government refuse
to do this, therefore do not blame peasantry if they take their own
actions to defend and take back their lands.” said Rahmat in his
speech at the front of Land National Body of Indonesia. (4/6)

It is true what Rahmat sIMG_1952aid-that were also Deputy Secretary General of
Asian Peasant Coalition (APC), a progressive regional alliance of
peasant organization in Asia- millions of peasantry spilled their
blood and tears in order to defend or take back their rightful lands
across Asia. Some are wins and some were loose, but every actions that
were took by peasantry will always become inspiration and precious
lessons to advance anti land grabbing campaign.

“Not only in Indonesia, peasantry across Asia region also launch anti
land grabbing campaign, with this were know that land grabbing is not
only happen in Indonesia but also happen across Asia, even in another
region like Latin America and Middle East and Europe. We will unite
with those who shown their determination to launch anti land grabbing
and genuine agrarian reform campaign, because these are the objective
demand of peasantry, therefor we need to distinguish our self and make
it clear among our rank in peasant movement, those who are still
played with peasant life through their phony organization will be
leaved by the peasantry, because only the genuine and militant peasant
organization that are capable to give leadership for the peasant
movement” explain Rahmat to the masses on the rally.

Beside land grabbing issue, the mobilization also launch their
position toward 9th WTO Ministerial Meeting that will be happen on the
coming December in Indonesia. For this issue, AGRA as member of
Indonesia Peoples Alliance (IPA) said peasantry position is already
clear. WTO do not give any benefit for peasantry, on the contrary they
use national government to stripped peasantry through various
policies, starting from Agreement on Agriculture )AoA, revoke
agriculture subsidies, agriculture import   policy, till intellectual
property right on seed.

“WTO policies is already been implemented very well by Indonesian
government, the result is Indonesia loose her sovereignty on food,
national agriculture market is being flooded by import products, and
in the name of competition government stop agriculture subsidies,
these policies are exposed the true nature of Indonesian government,
they are not the side of their own peoples but their on the side of
foreign monopoly capitals. Were not gonna take it anymore, Junk WTO.
Pesantry need trade that serve the peoples and up hold sovereignty,
where mutual benefit will realize.” Rahmat said on the rally.

Indonesian Peoples Alliance (IPA), a movement for sovereignty and
trade to serve the peoples, support AGRA position on WTO. Ario Adityo
from IPA Secretariat on his solidarity message to the rally said, that
peasantry really need to stop 9th WTO Ministerial Meeting, since
agriculture will become one of the three main agenda on Bali Package.

“it is imperative for peasantry, especially Indonesian Peasantry,
since peasantry and workers will become the most affected sectors when
the meeting reach a new deal in the up coming meeting. We will not
allow them to reach deal, but further we need to make sure that
peoples message will be heard on this up coming meeting, and our
message is Were Not Gonna Take It Anymore! Junk WTO!” said Ario

AGRA also calling to Indonesian peasant movement to consolidate their
ranks toward WTO meeting. AGRA is calling for National Peasant
Consultation on WTO in this up coming month. Mobilization and
conferences will be hold under coordination with Peoples Global Camp
that will happen on December.



About fprindonesia

Front Perjuangan Rakyat (FPR) adalah aliansi organisasi-organisasi masyarakat sipil Indonesia yang pada awalnya dibentuk untuk merespon perayaan Hari Buruh se-Dunia 2008. FPR menyandarkan diri pada prinsip aliansi dasar klas buruh dan kaum tani sebagai komponen pokok perubahan sosial.
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